Serenity Sober Living

Serenity Path Inc. is a Nonprofit 501 C (3) Outpatient Chemical Dependency Treatment Organization incorporated in the great state of Minnesota. We are located at 117 W. James St. in beautiful Paynesville MN and 145 Central Ave S. in Brooten MN.

Our focus is on improving and enhancing the lives of individuals in central Minnesota with chemical addictions by:

Serenity Path is fully committed to helping those struggling with alcoholism and drug addiction. We understand thatddiction is a disease and no human being would choose to be stricken with this chronic, progressive, deadly disease.

We treat every addict, every alcoholic, every man or woman still suffering from addiction as a unique, independent individual. These individuals will always be treated with the utmost compassion, dignity and respect.

Therefore, our mission is to help those still struggling achieve emotional well-being, abstain from addictive chemicals, and reintegrate back into society. In other words, find the path to serenity.

About Serenity Path